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February 16 - 2018

The NDPK/NME superfamily: state of the art (Équipe Prunier)

Lab Invest. 2018;98(2):164-74 Nucleoside diphosphate kinases (NDPK) are nucleotide metabolism enzymes encoded by NME genes (also called NM23). Given the fact that not all NME-encoded...

April 10 - 2018

Influence of Progenitor-Derived Regeneration Markers on Hepatitis C Virus-Related Cirrhosis Outcome (ANRS CO12 CirVir Cohort) (Équipe Prunier)

Hepatology. 2018;68(4):1534-48 Progenitor-derived regeneration gives rise to the aberrant expression of biliary markers such as cytokeratin 7 (K7) and epithelial cell adhesion molecule...

June 18 - 2018

Twist1 activation in muscle progenitor cells causes muscle loss akin to cancer cachexia (Équipe Prunier)

Dev Cell. 2018;45(6):712-25 e6 Cancer cachexia is characterized by extreme skeletal muscle loss that results in high morbidity and mortality. The incidence of cachexia varies among tumor...

February 01 - 2018

Radiotherapy-Activated Cancer-Associated Fibroblasts Promote Tumor Progression through Paracrine IGF1R Activation (Équipe Prunier)

Cancer Res. 2018;78(3):659-70 Preoperative radiotherapy (RT) is a mainstay in the management of rectal cancer, a tumor characterized by desmoplastic stroma containing cancer-associated...

July 25 - 2018

MFN2-associated lipomatosis: Clinical spectrum and impact on adipose tissue (Équipe Fève)

J Clin Lipidol. 2018;12(6):1420-35 Background : Multiple symmetric lipomatosis (MSL) is characterized by upper-body lipomatous masses frequently associated with metabolic and neurological...

April 19 - 2018

The nuclear retinoid-related orphan receptor RORalpha controls circadian thermogenic programming in white fat depots (Équipe Fève)

Physiol Rep. 2018;6(8):e13678 The RORalpha-deficient staggerer (sg/sg) mouse is lean and resistant to diet-induced obesity. Its thermogenic activity was shown to be increased not only in...

May 01 - 2019

Impact of HIV/simian immunodeficiency virus infection and viral proteins on adipose tissue fibrosis and adipogenesis (Équipe Fève)

AIDS. 2019;33(6):953-64 Objective : HIV-infected patients receiving antiretroviral treatment (ART) often present adipose tissue accumulation and/or redistribution. adipose tissue has been...

January 01 - 2019

Adaptive beta-Cell Neogenesis in the Adult Mouse in Response to Glucocorticoid-Induced Insulin Resistance (Équipe Fève)

Diabetes. 2019;68(1):95-108 Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are characterized by deficient insulin secretion and decreased beta-cell mass. Thus, regenerative strategies to increase...

February 01 - 2019

Adipocyte Glucocorticoid Receptor Deficiency Promotes Adipose Tissue Expandability and Improves the Metabolic Profile Under Corticosterone Exposure (Équipe Fève)

Diabetes. 2019;68(2):305-17 Widely used for their anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive properties, glucocorticoids are nonetheless responsible for the development of diabetes and...

January 01 - 2019

Glucocorticoid-induced insulin resistance is related to macrophage visceral adipose tissue infiltration (Équipe Fève)

J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2019;185:150-62 Insulin resistance is frequently present in patients with glucocorticoid (GC) excess (Cushing's syndrome) or treated with high doses of GCs....
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