Bruno Fève is the director of the Saint-Antoine Research Center, he is assisted by three co-directors and an administrative office. The Center relies on four entities for reflection and proposals on scientific policy and strategic orientation.

FÈVE Bruno
CRSA Director (PU-PH)
Deputy Director in charge of scientific foresight for the Metabolism and Inflammation division (PU-PH)
Deputy Director in charge of scientific foresight for the Oncology and Hematology division (PU-PH)
THIAM Ibrahima
General Secretary (IR Inserm)
LAFON Nicolas
Assistant General Secretary (IEHC Sorbonne Université)

Executive Committee (CoDir)

The Management Committee (CoDIR) is responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of the AHRB. It validates the main orientations of the CRSA by taking advice from the CCDR for important decisions. The management of the Saint-Antoine Research Center is ensured by Bruno Fève, assisted by three co-directors and the general secretary.

Director of the CRSA / President of the CoDIR

FEVE Bruno (PU-PH – Team B. Fève - bruno.feve«at»

Research teams members

AIT SLIMANE Tounsia (MCU – Team C. Housset – tounsia.ait-slimane«at»

BERENBAUM Francis (PU-PH – Team F. Berenbaum - francis.berenbaum«at»
DUVAL Alex (PU-PH – Team A. Duval - alex.duval«at»
GUILLOT Loïc (CR Inserm – Team. H. Corvol – loic.guillot«at»
SEKSIK Philippe (PU-PH – Team P. Seksik / H. Sokol - philippe.seksik«at»
SOBCZAK Joëlle (PU – Team C. Prunier – joelle.sobczak«at»
ZERMATI Yael (CR Inserm – Team F. Delhommeau – yael.zermati«at»

Members of Administration

THIAM Ibrahima (General Secretary - IE Inserm - ibrahima.thiam«at»
LAFON Nicolas (Deputy General Secretary - IE Sorbonne Université – nicolas.lafon«at»

Research Center Council (CCDR)

The main roles of the CCDR are to validate the CoDIR's proposals and to make new proposals to the CODIR to be discussed at its next meeting. The CCDR is chaired by the Director of the AHRB or, if necessary, by a deputy director designated directly by the Director. The CCDR meets as often as necessary and at least three (3) times a year during working hours, when convened by its chairperson, either on his or her own initiative or at the request of the majority of CCDR members.

Members by right

Director of CRSA / President of CCDR / Team Leader

FEVE Bruno (PU-PH - bruno.feve«at»

Deputy Director in charge of scientific foresight on the Metabolism and Inflammation axis / Team Leader

BERENBAUM Francis (PU-PH - francis.berenbaum«at»

Deputy Director in charge of scientific foresight on the Oncology and Hematology axis / Team leader

DUVAL Alex (PU-PH - alex.duval«at»

Team leaders (excluding directors or deputy directors)

CORVOL Harriet(PU-PH - harriet.corvol«at»
DELHOMMEAU François(PU-PH - francois.delhommeau«at»
DOROTHEE Guillaume(CR Inserm - guillaume.dorothee«at»
HOLZENBERGER Martin(DR Inserm - martin.holzenberger«at»
HOUSSET Chantal (PU-PH - chantal.housset«at»
MOHTY Mohammad (PU-PH - mohamad.mohty«at»
NETCHINE Irène (PU-PH - irene.netchine«at»
PRUNIER Celine (CR Inserm - celine.prunier«at»
SABBAH Michèle (DR CNRS - michele.sabbah«at»
SEKSIK Philippe (PU-PH - philippe.seksik«at» / SOKOL Harry (PU-PH - harry.sokol«at»

General Secretary

THIAM Ibrahima (IE Inserm - ibrahima.thiam«at»

Platform Representative

LEDENT Tatiana (IE Sorbonne Université - tatiana.ledent«at»

Staff representatives

Representatives of Statutory Researchers, Statutory Teacher-Scholars and Hospital Practitioners

ATLAN Michael (MCU-PH - Team B. Fève -drmichaelatlan«at»
CARRIERE Véronique (CR Inserm -Team P. Seksik / H. Sokol -veronique.carriere«at»
GROSFELD Alexandra (MCU - Team B. Fève - alexandra.grosfeld«at»
KARAISKOU Anthi (MCU - Team C. Prunier - anthi.karaiskou«at»
MOLDES Marthe (CR Inserm - Team B. Fève - marthe.moldes«at»
SOUSSAN Patrick (MCU-PH - Team J. Gautheron - patrick.soussan«at»
TABARY Olivier (CR Inserm - Team H. Corvol - olivier.tabary«at»
WENDUM Dominique (PU-PH - Team C. Prunier - dominique.wendum«at»

Engineers, Technicians and Administrative Representatives

BALLOY Viviane (IR Inserm - Team H. Corvol - viviane.balloy«at»
CALMEL Claire (IE Inserm - Team H. Corvol - claire.calmel«at»
CAPEL Emilie (AI Sorbonne Université - Team B. Fève - emilie.capel«at»
COLASSE Sabrina (AI Inserm - Team C. Prunier - sabrina.colasse«at»
DELAUNAY Jean-Louis (IE Sorbonne Université - Team J. Gautheron - jean-louis.delaunay«at»
FERRAND Nathalie (IR Inserm - Team M. Sabbah - nathalie.ferrand«at»
FAGOUR Sandrine (TN Inserm – Administration - sandrine.fagour«at»
LACUBE Philippe (AT Sorbonne Université - Team M. Holzenberger - philippe.lacube«at»

Representatives of PhD Students, Post-docs and Contract Researchers

DILLARD Clémentine (PhD Student- Team M. Sabbah - clementinedillard«at»
LIBOZ Alexandrine (PhD Student- Team B. Fève - alexandrine.liboz«at»

Permanent guests (non-voting)

Non-CCDR Steering Committee Members

Deputy General Secretary

CRSA Prevention Officer

Heads of CRSA platforms and coordinator of shared scientific instrumentation

Scientific Animation Committee (CAS)

The CAS is in charge of organizing the weekly and annual seminars of the CRSA. The CAS ensures, with the CoDIR, the implementation of tools for the dissemination of information, scientific or otherwise, both inside and outside the CRSA (e.g. the CRSA website).

Scientific Board (CS)

To assist its decision-making, the CRSA sets up a Scientific Council (CS) whose opinion is consultative. The CS is composed of members, all of whom are external to the CRSA, and may be foreign experts, proposed by the CoDIR and validated by a majority vote of the CCDR, on the basis of their scientific expertise in order to cover all of the CRSA's research topics.

St. Antoine Hospital

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