[Antimicrobial peptides: A new alternative for the treatment of aspergillosis] (Équipe Seksik/Sokol)

March 07 - 2024

C. Rochard, C. J. Bigot, V. Balloy, G. Hennequin, J. Guitard

Rev Mal Respir. 2024 Apr;41(4):283-288

Aspergillus fumigatus is the predominant fungal species causing pulmonary aspergillosis. The present-day anti-aspergillosis arsenal is limited, with a number of molecules occasioning severe side effects (amphotericin B) or provoking significant drug interactions (azole derivatives). Moreover, the recent emergence of azole-resistant A. fumigatus strains is a cause for concern. In this context, antimicrobial peptides (AMPs) are emerging as a promising therapeutic approach and alternative or complement to conventional antifungals.

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