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Within the Faculty of Medicine of Sorbonne University and the Saint Antoine research center, the B2M "Biomolecules and Molecular Medicine" platform relies on a historical expertise in the field of metabolism and mass spectrometry. Thanks to its proximity to the clinical-biological teams of the Sorbonne University Hospital Group (AP-HP) and in particular the Clinical Metabolomics Department, the platform is positioned on a translational research axis and the transfer of applications to hospital routine and clinical studies.

Thanks to continuous investments, the B2M platform benefits from a fleet of 12 mass spectrometers of the latest generation in terms of sensitivity and resolution. Virtually all analytical approaches are available, whether in GC-MS (gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry), LC-MS/MS (liquid chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry), nanoLC, Q-Trap technology and Q-ToF with ion mobility.

Historically, the core of our expertise is focused on the analysis of lipid metabolism with targeted quantitative lipidomic approaches: bile acid profiles, sterols, steroids, fatty acids, reserve lipids, structural lipids, sphingolipids, short chain fatty acids... Recently, we have broadened our fields of analysis, by developing profiles of amino acids and tryptophan derivatives, peptides, and organic acids.

Finally, in addition to analytical problems, mathematical modeling of metabolic pathways and clinical-biological data using "machine learning" approaches completes the know-how of the platform's researchers and engineers.

The B2M platform favors scientific collaborations within the CRSA and SU but remains totally open to other academic and industrial partners. The platform is accredited by the quality assurance organization COFRAC.



The B2M platform is equipped with the following equipment:

• GC-EI/CI-MS (Agilent)
• HPLC-ESI-MS/MS (QqQ) (ABSciex, Shimadzu)
• UPLC-ESI-HRMS (Q-TOF) (Waters)
• NanoLC (Waters)
• Pre-analytical robot (Beckman)





1. Waters Synapt G 2S

2. ABSciex Q-TRAP 2000

3. ABSciex Q-TRAP 5500

4. Shimadzu 8060

5. ABSciex Q-TRAP 6500

6. ABSciex Q-TRAP 7500

7. Agilent 5977




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Antonin Lamazière (leader)
Thibaut Eguether (scientific co-responsible)
Aurore Desmons (scientific co-responsible)

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