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Thesis : Julie Magusto – Role and mechanisms of action of RIPK3, a major player in necroptosis, in adipocyte biology and energy homeostasis

January 01 - 2020

directed by Jérémy Gautheron & Chantal Housset

(Team Housset)

The thesis project aims to elucidate the contribution of necroptosis to the development of obesity and its metabolic complications. Our hypothesis is that under unfavourable dietary conditions, necroptosis is activated and promotes inflammation and remodelling of fat tissue resulting in the development of T2DT or even NAFLD. Mice invalidated for RIPK3 specifically in adipocytes will be fed a high-fat diet in order to induce obesity and to study, in vivo, the impact of the absence of RIPK3 on the development of obesity, T2DT and NAFLD.

Start: 01/10/2019

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