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Thesis: Lin Lei – Identification and characterization of the progenitors of portal myofibroblasts

January 01 - 2020

directed by Chantal Housset & Axelle Cadoret

(Team Housset)

Myofibroblastic activation of star cells in the liver has long been considered the main mechanism of hepatic fibrogenesis. The team's work made it possible to identify portal myofibroblasts, a subpopulation of myofibroblasts derived from the mesenchyma of door spaces, characterized by the synthesis of collagen XV (Col15), intense proliferation and proangiogenic activity. These cells would have a decisive role in the evolution of hepatic fibrosis, which progresses from the portal space in connection with the formation of a vascular plexus leading to cirrhosis. The objective is to isolate and characterize the progenitors of portal myofibroblasts.

start: 01/10/2016

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