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The Saint Antoine Research Centre is managed by a director, an executive council (the Council of Direction) and a consultative council (the Coucil of the Research Centre).

Bruno FEVE

Director of the CRSA


Deputy Director in charge of the scientific foresight on the axis Metabolism and Inflammation
(PU-PH) francis.berenbaum@aphp.fr


Deputy Director in charge of Scientific Foresight on the Axis Oncology and Hematology
(PU-PH) alex.duval@inserm.fr

Marie-Laure SOBRIER

Assistant Director
in charge of animation and
of scientific communication
(CR Inserm)

Ibrahima THIAM

General secretary
(IE Inserm)

Nicolas LAFON

Deputy General Secretary
(IE Sorbonne University)

Council of Direction (CoDir)

The CoDir is coumposed by the director of the CDR, the previous director of the CDR, 4 associate directors elected by the Council of the Research Centre, 2 associate directors nominated by the director and the financial and administrative officer.

The director coordinates the management committee involving members of the CoDir and administrators, ensuring daily management and monitoring of science policy, budget, human resources and communications.

Directeur du CRSA / Président du CODIR

FEVE Bruno (Team Fève - bruno.feve@inserm.fr)

Membres des équipes de recherche

AIT SLIMANE Tounsia (Team Housset – tounsia.ait-slimane@inserm.fr)
BERENBAUM Francis (Team Berenbaum - francis.berenbaum@aphp.fr)
DUVAL Alex (Team Duval - alex.duval@inserm.fr)
GUILLOT Loïc (Team Corvol – loic.guillot@inserm.fr)
SOBCZAK Joëlle (Team Prunier – joelle.sobczak@inserm.fr)
SOBRIER Marie-Laure (Team Netchinel marie-laure.sobrier@inserm.fr)
SEKSIK Philippe (Team Seksik/Sokol - philippe.seksik@aphp.fr)
ZERMATI Yael (Team Delhommeau – yael.zermati@inserm.fr)

Membres de l’administration

THIAM Ibrahima (General secretary - ibrahima.thiam@inserm.fr)
LAFON Nicolas (Deputy General Secretary – nicolas.lafon@inserm.fr)

Council of the Research Centre (CCDR)

The Council of the Research Centre is coumposed by ex officio members and elected members.

It helps the CoDir, discusses and validates its propositions. Important decisions are taken by the CCDR in which all groups are represented as well as the staff of the Centre.

Membres de droit

Director of the CRSA / President of the CODIR / Team manager

FEVE Bruno bruno.feve@inserm.fr)

Deputy Director in charge of scientific foresight on the Metabolism and Inflammation axis / Team manager

BERENBAUM Francis (francis.berenbaum@aphp.fr)

Deputy Director in charge of scientific foresight on the Oncology and Hematology axis / Team manager

DUVAL Alex (alex.duval@inserm.fr)

Deputy Director - Scientific Facilitation and Communication

SOBRIER Marie-Laure (marie-laure.sobrier@inserm.fr)

Responsables d’équipe (hors directeur ou directeurs adjoints)

PRUNIER Celine (celine.prunier@inserm.fr)
LARSEN Annette (annette.larsen@mfex.com) / SABBAH Michèle (michele.sabbah@inserm.fr)
DELHOMMEAU François(francois.delhommeau@aphp.fr)
MOHTY Mohammad (mohamad.mohty@inserm.fr)
CORVOL Harriet(harriet.corvol@aphp.fr)
DOROTHEE Guillaume(guillaume.dorothee@inserm.fr)
HOLZENBERGER Martin(martin.holzenberger@inserm.fr)
HOUSSET Chantal (chantal.housset@inserm.fr)
NETCHINE Irène (irene.netchine@aphp.fr)
SEKSIK Philippe (philippe.seksik@aphp.fr)/ SOKOL Harry (harry.sokol@aphp.fr)

General secretary

THIAM Ibrahima (ibrahima.thiam@inserm.fr)

Platform representative

LEDENT Tatiana (tatiana.ledent@inserm.fr)

Staff representatives

Representatives of Statutory Researchers, Statutory Teacher-Researchers and Hospital Practitioners

ATLAN Michael (Team Fève -drmichaelatlan@gmail.com)
CARRIERE Véronique (Team Seksik/Sokol -veronique.carriere@sorbonne-universite.fr)
GROSFELD Alexandra (Team Fève - alexandra.grosfeld@sorbonne-universite.fr)
KAPPELER Laurent (Team Netchine - laurent.kappeler@inserm.fr)
KARAISKOU Anthi (Team Prunier - anthi.karaiskou@upmc.fr)
MOLDES Marthe (Team Fève - marthe.moldes@inserm.fr)
SOUSSAN Patrick (Team Housset - patrick.soussan@inserm.fr)
TABARY Olivier (Team Corvol - olivier.tabary@inserm.fr)
WENDUM Dominique (Team Prunier - dominique.wendum@aphp.fr)

Engineers, Technicians and Administrative Representatives

BALLOY Viviane (Team Corvol - viviane.balloy@inserm.fr)
CALMEL Claire (Team Corvol - claire.calmel@inserm.fr)
CAPEL Emilie (Team Fève - emilie.capel@inserm.fr)
COLASSE Sabrina (Team Prunier - sabrina.colasse@inserm.fr)
DELAUNAY Jean-Louis (Team Housset - jean-louis.delaunay@sorbonne-universite.fr)
FERRAND Nathalie (Team Larsen/Sabbah - nathalie.ferrand@inserm.fr)
GROMAT Sandrine (Administration - sandrine.gromat@inserm.fr)
LACUBE Philippe (Team Holzenberger - philippe.lacube@sorbonne-universite.fr)

Representatives of PhD students, post-doctoral fellows and contractual research staff

DILLARD Clémentine (Team Larsen/Sabbah - clementinedillard@gmail.com)
LIBOZ Alexandrine (Team Fève - alexandrine.liboz@gmail.com)
RUFFIN Manon (Team Corvol - manon.ruffin2@gmail.com)

Permanent guests (non-voting)

Members of the Executive Committee who are not members of the CCDR

Deputy Secretary General

Prevention Officer of the CRSA

CRSA platform managers and coordinator of shared scientific instrumentation

Scientific Animation Committee (CAS)

The CAS is in charge of organizing the weekly and annual seminars of the CRSA. The CAS, together with CODIR, ensures the implementation of tools for the dissemination of information, scientific or other, inside and outside the CRSA (for example, the CRSA website).

Scientific Council (CS)

To assist its decision-making, the CRSA sets up a Scientific Council (SC) whose opinion is advisory. The SC is composed of members, all of whom are not members of the CRSA, who may be foreign experts, proposed by CODIR and validated by a majority vote of the CCDR, on the basis of their scientific skills in order to cover all of the CRSA's research themes.

Research Center
UMR_S 938

Hôpital St-Antoine


Phone : +(33) 1 49 28 46 00