Microbiota, intestine and inflammation

Philippe Seksik
& Harry Sokol
Team Leader : Philippe Seksik & Harry Sokol
Administrative contact : Valérica Mandrea

Faculté de médecine Pierre et Marie Curie – Site Saint-Antoine – 6ème étage - 27, rue Chaligny – 75571 PARIS cedex 12

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Our main goal is to decipher the mechanisms underlying host-microbiota interactions in health and disease, particularly inflammatory bowel diseases. Our projects are based on complementary expertise, such as gastroenterology, intestinal microbiota ecology, intestinal epithelial cells physiology, analysis of hydrophobic molecules in the intestinal environment and host-microbe immune interactions. These skills, at the frontier of cell biology, immunology, microbiology and medicine, allow us to conduct extensive studies from bedside to bench and back again.

Research Center
UMR_S 938

Hôpital St-Antoine


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